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Design & Construction

Freshly-trimmed / shaped / pruned bushes / shrubs / hedges by J & J Landscaping, LLC

expert design & execution

A great residential landscape design dramatically improves the functionality of your property, providing you a beautiful entertaining space. When the time comes to sell your home, it’ll increase your home’s value, too!


Our expert team is proud to offer a variety of residential landscape design and construction services paired with unparalleled value and customer service.

3D rendering of landscape to be constructed by J & J Landscaping, LLC

Landscape & hardscape design

Landscapers preparing for a new concrete patio during a full backyard revamp landscaping project including new landscaping, a cement patio, and sod in Clinton Township, MI

landscape & hardscape construction

april - december
Image of trenching and excavation for J & J Landscaping, LLC

trenching & excavation

march - october
Image of sod installation for J & J Landscaping, LLC

sod/seed installation

march - october
J & J Landscaping, LLC employees performing concrete removal in Metro Detroit, Michigan

concrete installation & removal

march - october
Pavers power washed and sanded with high quality polymer sand to keep out weeds and prevent shifting in Macomb, MI by J & J Landscaping, LLC

paver & other hardscape restoration, repair & re-sanding

march - october
Image of tree / stump removal by J & J Landscaping, LLC in Metro Detroit, Michigan

tree & stump removal

march - october
Before / after picture of mulch and stone replacement / refreshment by J & J Landscaping, LLC in Metro Detroit, Michigan

bush & shrub removal

march - october
Image of mulch / decorative stone installation by J & J Landscaping, LLC in Metro Detroit, Michigan

mulch & decorative rock installation

march - october
Newly-installed landscape lighting by J & J Landscaping, LLC in Metro Detroit, Michigan

landscape lighting installation

march - october

our process


what our clients are saying

High quality design, installation, and maintenance of a beautiful residential landscape takes expertise, consistent communication, and trust. That’s why, for years, our clients have consistently chosen J & J for all of their residential landscaping needs.
John and Joey did a wonderful job on our landscaping. They both were very respectful and polite. We forsure will use them in the future! Thanks for all you did and are doing!
Rachel R.

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